Work & Travel
WorkandTravel.Co.Th to present cultural exchange program work and travel USA (Work and Travel in USA)
by the content of all websites to a presentation about the project, Work and Travel in USA also won a 
scholarship to the site . to exchange culture, Work and Travel in USA by the company warrants the neocortex
Education & Travel initiate Wilson limited (Worantex) agents recruited students to join the program Work & 
Travel in USA.
Capital Worantex - Work & Travel in USA have announced the first in 2007, which was the first year Worantex
operation. And has continued every year until the present (2007-2012) is the capital version 6 ( Grade 6 ) 
and is currently accepting grant applications version 7 .
Capital to Worantex-Work & Travel in USA are featured below. - .
All students from all educational institutions across the country can apply to compete. Not limited to students
 who subscribe to Work & Travel with Worantex only.
There are a variety of capital The project capital cost The ticket cost - to America.
Capital Worantex-Work & Travel is not focused on students who excel academically . But the students are 
open -minded to the experience of the Work & Travel in USA , therefore students are not required to grant 
the No. 1 written test scores.

All of our mini buses and taxis have safety belts.Transfers to and from the airport, private rentals, group tours (half and full day), and transfers around Thailand.Additional stops or diversions during your transfer (there will be an extra
charge, so please contact us beforehand).